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StoryMaps Live: February storytellers Whitney Kotlewski and Raynah Kamau of Black Girls MAPP

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StoryMaps Live

Join us on Wednesday, February 5th, 2020 for the newest edition of StoryMaps Live. Get caught up to speed on all things ArcGIS StoryMaps.

Black Girls MAPP logo, a group dedicated to bettering representation of women and minorities in GIS.

This episode, help us welcome our February featured storytellers, Whitney Kotlewski and Raynah Kamau, as they discuss their organization Black Girls Mapping with Action to Pioneer Progress (BGMAPP). They'll be showing us how they leverage storytelling to connect with communities, inform, and advocate for better representation in GIS.

Black Girls MAPP Celebrating & connecting marginalized communities; using GIS to investigate social issues & empower change.

To attend the webinar, visit the StoryMaps Live registration page and follow the link to sign-up.


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Our featured storytellers


Whitney (Coleman) Kotklewski

Whitney Kotlewski

Whitney is a Senior User Experience Architect with Esri, working at the corporate headquarters in Redlands, CA.

Whitney supports product teams with designs that embrace UX Principals and User Research. She has contributed most influentially to Esri’s premier data visualization application, Insights for ArcGIS, where she led the UX design of the 1.0 release and recently led the redesign of Esri’s mobile field application Navigator for ArcGIS for both iOS and Android platforms.

Concurrent with her work at Esri, Whitney is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at Claremont Graduate University and is the visionary and co-founder of Black Girls M.A.P.P.—a community focused group to empower women of color in the field of GIS. Through this initiative, she envisions inspiring a network of women of color using GIS to solve community problems. This initiative ties closely to Whitney’s academic research that is centered around empowering members of her local community—specifically underrepresented and lower socioeconomic groups—to improve their own communities by avenue of advanced technology.


Raynah Kamau

Raynah Kamau

Kenyan-born, Raynah Kamau works as a Technical Advisor to Esri partners spanning across different industry spaces such as utilities, AECs, and Non-Profit Organizations.

Raynah provides Esri partners with strategic support and advocates on their behalf to other core parts of the company, such as Training and Services Support to mention a few.

Aside from being at the Esri Inc headquarters for 6 years, Raynah worked as a GIS Analyst and a WebApp Developer for Esri Eastern Africa for a year. She moved to the US to pursue her MsGIS. She partnered with her colleague, Whitney, to come up with Black Girls M.A.P.P to celebrate and empower women of color in the field of GIS as well evangelize the power of GIS to underrepresented communities by using Esri’s technology to share the untold stories of marginalized communities.

About the authors

An anthropologist focused on community engagement, citizen mapping, and applied ethnography, Greyson researches and designs dynamic, multimedia stories for ArcGIS StoryMaps.


Ross Donihue is a cartographer and product engineer on Esri's StoryMaps editorial team. He uses place-based storytelling to engage users through beautiful, informative, and inspiring cartography. He is dedicated to using technologies to make fresh visuals that attract attention, showcase impact, and engage new audiences. He has a masters degree in Environmental Management from the Yale school of Forestry & Environmental Studies. When he's not making maps he loves woodworking projects, photography, and fermentation.


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