How to transfer content from your Learn ArcGIS account to an account that you own

Your Learn ArcGIS account has two parts: any content you’ve created (maps, apps, etc.), and any Esri Training courses you have or are currently taking (web courses, MOOCs). This blog provides instructions on how to save any information from your account that you might want to keep.

Please plan to take any needed steps to save your content before your Learn ArcGIS account’s expiration date. Reminder: If you do nothing, all content from your account will be deleted.


How to save your content

During your membership in the Learn ArcGIS organization, you’ve probably saved maps, apps, and other content in your account. You can review what’s in your account by visiting and signing in with your _LearnArcGIS username and password.

Click on Content > My Content to see what you’ve saved. If this material was just used for learning and testing and you do not want to keep it, there’s nothing to do. We’ll delete all the content for you.

ArcGIS Online content library


If you made some maps or applications that you want to keep, you’ll need to move them to another ArcGIS organizational account where they can be stored. Here are some options:

  1. Purchase a low-cost-one-year ArcGIS for Personal Use license.
  2. Create a public account for limited content creation and sharing capabilities.
  3. Thinking of transferring content to your workplace? Fill out this form to learn more about organizational pricing.

**Some types of content can be saved to your hard drive, such as ArcGIS Pro projects or Survey123 results which can be downloaded as .csv files. Please note though that without a software license, you won’t be able to open or edit some of these files.**


Methods for saving your content

 (Unsupported – Esri does not test nor provide help with these. You are “on your own.”)

There are several ways to transfer content between your ArcGIS accounts in different organizations. The method you choose depends on how much content you want to move and what types of content you need to move. Once you’ve purchased an ArcGIS for Personal Use license or created a public account, you can select the method that’s right for you.


ArcGIS Online Assistant


Save a copy

Python API

Documentation for cloning content


Methods for saving your training history

(Supported – Esri has tested these methods and will provide support when saving training history)

Your account provided access to Esri’s Training website. You have two options for maintaining your training history.


Make a PDF Report

If you just want a record, visit your activity record and click on Download Transcript. A PDF file of your record will be created. You can save it to your computer.

ArcGIS Online Learning Activity


Move the Record to an ArcGIS Account

If you want to maintain the history in Esri’s Training Services database, you’ll need to move the information to another account. We recommend purchasing an ArcGIS for Personal Use license or creating a public account. Either of these options allows you to retain ownership of your training history.

Once you’ve secured an ArcGIS account, you can ask Esri’s Accounts Team to move your training history records. Fill out the request below and send it to


Hello Esri Accounts!

I request your help moving my Esri training history from my Esri enabled Learn ArcGIS organizational account with user name ________ to my ArcGIS public account with user name _____________.

I understand that once the move is made, my Esri training history will be accessed via the ArcGIS public account. I further understand that the Learn ArcGIS team will delete the organizational account.

Thank you!

Learn ArcGIS Member

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