ArcGIS Data Appliance 7.1: Access Esri Basemaps Securely Behind Your Firewall

Did you know that Esri’s suite of Basemaps is available online and on-premise? Part of the Esri On-Premise Data and Location Services collection, ArcGIS Data Appliance provides access to over 50 Basemap styles, ready for visualization and analysis. Released annually, the latest version, Data Appliance 7.1, includes a rich suite of raster and vector basemaps, and elevation services.

Increase collaboration while keeping data secure

ArcGIS Data Appliance serves as a single source of truth, enabling multiple departments, working on-and-off site, to access the same map. This help teams to scale and be more efficient. For organizations with strict data regulations, deploying a Data Appliance keeps data internal. Users can build critical apps right away and share services with other people in the organization with granted access. This added level of security provides a safeguard against uncertainties and adds an extra line of defense in protecting an organization’s internal data.

Data Appliance Collaboration
ArcGIS Data Appliance helps teams to scale and be more efficient.

Trust in your decision making

Disaster response is a common use case of ArcGIS Data Appliance. In times of emergency, trusted data matters. With accuracy in mind, Esri’s Basemaps are prepared with data from authoritative sources and curated by a professional team of cartographers. When an event occurs, such as a hurricane or snowstorm, teams continue to have access to authoritative maps – even in power outages. Field workers and administrators continue to have access to information to solve problems quickly and efficiently, when time matters most.

Authoritative Maps
Access Authoritative maps in the office or the field with ArcGIS Data Appliance.

Key benefits of ArcGIS Data Appliance:

What’s included:

ArcGIS Data Appliance connects your organization with the most up-to-date offline services for spatial data exploration. The services are grouped into the following categories:

Esri Basemaps
Access a rich suite of 50+ different vector and raster basemap styles.

What’s new:

Esri’s Data and Location Services offerings are always improving. Highlights of ArcGIS Data Appliance 7.1 include:

Get Started:

Esri’s Data Appliance team is available to help you decide which data product is right for you. Email us at and let us help you build a data solution that best fits your organizational needs.



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