Complimentary Software and Training Program for Professionals Extended Through December 31

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the economy, millions of individuals remain furloughed, working on a reduced schedule or seeking other opportunities. Many are using this time to develop their professional toolkit, whether brushing up on existing expertise or learning a completely new skillset.  

To support our community in this endeavor, Esri launched a complimentary membership in the Learn ArcGIS organization along with free software access for workers whose job status has been impacted by COVID-19. This access includes ArcGIS Online, over 20 apps (including ArcGIS Pro), and a library of lessons through Learn ArcGIS and the Esri Academy.  

This program, originally available through August 31, 2020, has now been extended through December 31, 2020. Those who have already enrolled will be automatically granted continued access. Impacted or furloughed professionals who have not yet signed up are invited to do so through the end of November at 

The extension also includes a new discount on core Esri technical certifications for program participantsDetails about this offering will be provided to participants via email this fall.

Signing up for the program is just the first step—with so many training opportunities to explore, you can start learning everything from GIS basics to advanced geospatial skills. See some of our recommended learn paths and lessons for beginners and GIS professionals alike below. 

Learn ArcGIS Essentials
For those who are just getting started, the following four self-paced learn paths from Learn ArcGIS will help you maximize your access to Esri tools and resources over the next few months. 

Getting started with maps and data in ArcGIS Online
This series of short walkthroughs will show you how to navigate ArcGIS Online, add data to your maps, and share your work. 

Create maps with compelling data visualizations using ArcGIS Online
Get an overview of mapping best practices through video tutorials and articles—you’ll learn to create visually stunning, informative, and user-friendly maps. 

Try ArcGIS Pro
Dive into ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s powerful, versatile desktop software. Recreate simple yet impactful examples of smart maps for an introduction to ArcGIS Pro’s user interface and essential capabilities. 

Make powerful maps using ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World
Discover a comprehensive library of authoritative datasets and learn to use them in your own maps for more context and reliable information.  

Advanced Learn Paths
Seasoned GIS users can benefit from more advanced topics that help keep skill sets sharp and up to date. The following three paths dive deeper into leading-edge capabilities available in ArcGIS Pro, so you can return to work ready to maximize the latest tools.  

Analysis in ArcGIS Pro
Dive into some of ArcGIS Pro’s most powerful analysis capabilities, including geoprocessing tools, modeling, and machine learning. 

Mapping and visualization in ArcGIS Pro
Learn the experts’ tips, tricks, and best practices for turning your data into beautiful, compelling maps and visuals.  

Geostatistics in ArcGIS Pro
Discover the advanced interpolation methods built into Esri’s desktop platform. See any area in greater depth and detail with powerful modeling and predictive techniques. 

Explore more self-paced learning in Learn ArcGIS or comprehensive courses in the Esri Academy to see everything you’ll gain access to through December 31We hope that this program helps our user community develop their GIS skillsetbuild their resume, and bring cutting-edge skills to their next opportunity.  

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