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What’s Coming in Community Analyst

The next update of Community Analyst is planned for late Q2 2018 prior to Esri users conference. Here are the key highlights of what’s planned for this release:

Access 2018/2023 U.S. Demographics and Global Data Updates

Summarize Nearby Locations

Which schools are within a mile of a proposed flu vaccine location? What intersections around my location have high traffic counts? Answer questions like these and more using the new Nearby capability in Reports and Infographics.

Use the Nearby option when building infographics or reports and summarize locations around a site using the data included with Community Analyst such as businesses, shopping centers, or traffic counts or using your own point locations layer (e.g. crime locations). Choose specific facilities (e.g. schools), select attributes (e.g. number of employees), and include distance and direction from your site to create a summary table and a map showing the nearby locations.

Use Filtering to Show Locations that Meet Your Criteria

Apply attribute-based filters and limit the locations shown in your sites or ArcGIS layers. For example, let’s say you bring in a crime layer from ArcGIS Online and you only want to show arson fires that occurred within the last month. By filtering the crime layer based on crime type and time, you can show patterns of where recent arsons occurred and help your police department prevent future arson attempts.

Compare Sites with Geographies in One Click

How do key demographic facts for a 1-mile ring around 380 New York St., Redlands compare to the geographies where the ring is located, i.e. zip code: 92373, county: San Bernardino and state: California? Get the results in one click using the new Geography Comparison template.

Get a New Tapestry Poster Style Infographics

Like the Esri Tapestry poster? Now get your infographics in a Tapestry poster style look and feel using the new Tapestry Profile template. Understand Tapestry LifeMode groups, Tapestry segments, age profile, education and more for any U.S. locations.

Please note that all planned updates are subject to change without notice. A comprehensive list of implemented updates will be provided in a post-release What’s New blog.

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