Announcement to developers using ArcGIS Runtime SDKs for Android and Java

If you build your ArcGIS Runtime applications using Gradle or Maven build scripts which reference the Maven repository, you will need to update your scripts to reference a new Maven repository. Our new maven instance url is

If you are using Gradle build scripts you will need to have the following reference in your file:

maven {
  url ''

For developers using Maven build scripts, you will need to include the following reference:


References to can be removed from your build script once you have added the new Maven repository.

The Bintray Maven server will remain active until December 14th after which the binaries for your application can only be obtained from the new maven server. We are making this change because jFrog who run Bintray are deprecating the service.

About the author

Mark Baird is the engineering lead for the ArcGIS Maps SDK for Java product. He has worked with GIS for 25 years in both consultancy roles and more recently in product development. This has involved working in many industry areas including environmental science, ecology, insurance risk analysis, public safety and situation awareness systems.

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