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Introducing ArcGIS for Excel

This NEW component is part of the ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 transition, that marks our complete transformation from locally managed installs to Software as a Service. You’ll notice right from the start, the ease with which you can deploy ArcGIS for Excel from the Microsoft app store. Yes, it’s now available within Excel, with no installers and will seamlessly update to ensure you’re always working with the latest release.

Excel Menu Bar

Tip: Contact your organization’s administrator if you don’t see the ArcGIS for Excel app or any add-ins. See frequently asked questions and answers to get more details.

The next major change is that an ArcGIS Account is not required to get started. Anyone with XY coordinate data can make a map in Excel, but if you want to deep dive into what ArcGIS for Excel is offering with its very first release, make sure you have an ArcGIS account to try out the advanced functionality leveraging Esri location services.

To get started, head over to the steps  to include the add in, into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. This will allow you to use the ArcGIS component in Excel Online, as well as Excel Desktop on Windows and MacOS!

ArcGIS Menu

Click the ArcGIS tab, then click Show Map, and you are ready to start using the awesome functionalities that ArcGIS for Excel has to offer, turning your data, into informative spatially enabled maps.


Once the map pane is loaded, you will notice is the side-by-side placement of your Excel data and the ArcGIS for Excel map. No multiple dockable windows, but just one clean frame to start visualizing your information.

ArcGIS Map in Excel

In addition to enhanced styling, choose from amazing basemaps, search capabilities, analysis tools, see map selections in your rows, and share the map to your ArcGIS Online account. All these tools are available when using the ArcGIS component in Excel Online, or the desktop version on Windows and MacOS.


What’s Changed:

What’s new:


Print map in Excel

Pro tip: Love the basemaps in this blog? You can access them too! Here’s how.

Loading Bar shows Progress


Animation showing Excel Formula working

Must read: blog on using ArcGIS functions in Formulasby ArcGIS for Excel Product Engineer Gaurav Singh.


Add layers to Excel


Filter data on map and cells

How to get started and resources to help you…

Visit the Microsoft app store to use the ArcGIS for Excel component, or read the steps if you are the Microsoft 365 admin making the app available to an organization.

Follow along with our Learn Lesson to Get Started with ArcGIS for Excel.

To learn more about the product, such as system requirements, full descriptions of capabilities, and more—head over to the ArcGIS for Excel documentation site.

Read our blogs, interact with experts, take a survey, or just connect. Join us in the  to ask questions, share ideas, and let us know about your experiences with ArcGIS for Excel.







About the authors

Andrew is the Lead Product Manager of the ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 product, that consists of ArcGIS components for Excel, Power BI, SharePoint, Teams, Power Automate and Power Apps. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out and he will help.


Mrinmayee "Minu" Bharadwaj has been with Esri since 2015. She is a Product Engineer: Documentation for Microsoft Integration apps. She was previously a Writer in Professional Services for ArcGIS Maritime and ArcGIS Aviation. She holds degrees in Psychology, English and Geography. She's passionate about technology and languages, and is fluent in French and German. She loves exploring new places, hiking, movies, books and a solid cup of tea.

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