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6 Glad Tidings for a New Year from ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt

As a developer during this joyous and reflective time of the season, you’re probably looking to up your game in the upcoming year. If you’re like me, you’re probably looking to be even more productive for your organization, bringing more innovation and efficiency, while at the same time sharpening and growing your programming skills. This inevitably makes you even more valuable to your company, and, let’s face it, makes you feel better about yourself as a productive employee. Am I right?

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt development team understands your mission! They get it. So, here are 6 glad tidings they bring for a great New Year!

1. Seamless development tool integration

Qt Creator is your complete interactive development environment for creating any app, for any device. ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt immediately installs both C++ and QML project templates, tools and SDK help into your existing Qt SDK environment without overwriting or disrupting your existing development configuration, so you can instantly begin building or integrating ArcGIS solutions.

2. QML: Simplicity for the developer

QML. Enough said, really. With QML’s simple, powerful, declarative and intuitive expressions, you can easily build rich ArcGIS capabilities into your apps for any device, smart phones, tablets or desktops. QML has its own JavaScript engine as well, so whether you’re a JSON or JavaScript/HTML junkie, QML hits the sweet spot for you. See for yourself.

3. Device ubiquity

The Qt Company provides an unprecedented native cross-platform strategy with the Qt SDK unlike any other. The ArcGIS Runtime SDK takes full advantage of this specialty and builds on targeting your ArcGIS development for any kind of device with a single QML code base.

4. Great performance

Whether it’s based on C++ or QML, whether they are running on small or large devices, your apps built with ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt will perform faster than any solution out there. Connected or disconnected, the performance and responsiveness of your apps is of the utmost importance.

5. APIs for the modern ArcGIS platform

The solutions you build with ArcGIS are complete with the most widely used and most powerful GIS and Mapping capabilities on the market. From powerful analytics to rich mapping in the Cloud, public or private, on the device, anywhere and everywhere, ArcGIS Runtime brings you the best APIs in modern GIS visualization and computing. The online site is where to begin in understanding all you can do, but it only scratches the surface.

6. Empowerment

You’re the developer. You’re in control of doing what your organization does best. While useful for many others, you don’t need solutions, templates or apps from anyone else; you’re the master “template builder” for what your company needs most to keep your business thriving. The ArcGIS Runtime SDK development team understands that and strives to provide the best tooling and support for building upon your investment in the ArcGIS platform.

Well, there you have it: 6 Glad tidings we bring. But remember, there are always more.

We invite you to collaborate with us in 2016 as you go forth to grow and build, and have a safe and Happy New Year!

– The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt Development Team

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