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ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v10.2.8-1 released

We are excited to announce an update release to the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android v10.2.8-1.  This patch release updates the SDK API libpng dependency to address security vulnerabilities. This update allows ArcGIS Android apps that are published to the Google Play store to be updated and any new published apps to comply with Google Play’s Malicious Behavior policy. You can read more about this vulnerability in CVE-2015-8540.

To apply this fix, update your build.gradle file with the following dependency:

[sourcecode language=”groovy”]
dependencies {
compile ‘com.esri.arcgis.android:arcgis-android:10.2.8-1’

You can download the latest version of the SDK from our developers site. All of our samples have been updated to use the latest version and developer instructions on how to sync your local fork of the samples with our GitHub repository.  We invite you to collaborate with the community and the Esri development team on GeoNet & our GitHub samples.

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