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iOS Samples for ArcGIS Runtime now available on the App Store

Want to test drive the latest capabilities of ArcGIS Runtime but don’t have a developer setup ready to go? Ever wish you could see the technology in action before you roll up your sleeves and dive in? You’re in luck. We’re excited to announce that the samples for ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS are now available on Apple’s App Store.

Download the app on your iPhone or iPad and explore the samples to get a first hand experience of the functionality that is available for you to incorporate into your own custom apps. Browse the code behind each sample from within the app and see how easy it is to use the SDK.

The app is entirely developed in Swift and the source code is available onĀ GitHub

Samples are organized into the following categories –

+ Maps – Open, create, interact with and save maps
+ Layers – Layer types offered by the SDK
+ Features – Work with Feature layers and geodatabases
+ Edit Data – Add, delete and edit features and attachments
+ Display Information – Display graphics, popups, callouts, and sketches
+ Search – Find an address, place, or point of interest
+ Geometry – Create geometries and perform operations
+ Route – Find a route around barriers and get driving directions
+ Scenes – Display scenes, 3D symbols, and scene layers

More categories and samples will be added with future updates. Stay tuned!

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