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Take Your ArcGIS Runtime Map Offline

Now available to your Runtime application projects – StreetMap Premium data for display, routing, and geocoding.

Do you need to take your ArcGIS Runtime application offline, so that it works in a disconnected environment?  Need a map that’s stored locally?  No problem.  StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Runtime is here!

As a developer, you can now deliver an app with powerful searching and geocoding capabilities, advanced routing analysis capabilities, and an app that “just works” offline.  Your app can work consistently across the globe.  Don’t waste time trying to acquire and process mapping data.  Spend time designing and developing your app instead!

As an app user, you’re able to work offline in remote areas.  Data is stored locally so you don’t eat up your data plan.  Experience a high-quality basemap, find what you’re looking for, and get the route you need.

You can start developing with StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS Runtime today on all the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs (Android, iOS, Java, macOS, .NET, and Qt).  It is available as part of your developer subscription, for development purposes, at no additional cost.  When you deploy your app, the end user organization just licenses the StreetMap Premium extension to Runtime.

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