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Understand the Refugee Crisis using Link Analysis

Link analysis is a powerful analysis technique available in Insights for ArcGIS. The new Learn ArcGIS lesson, Understand the Refugee Crisis Using Link Analysis, uses real-world data from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to perform an in-depth analysis on one of the greatest humanitarian crises facing our world.

In the lesson, you will use Insights to create a map showing the movement of refugees and other persons of concern, and use charts and tables to dive deeper into the data to gain a better understanding of the patterns that emerge as you analyze the data.

Link analysis page
The completed link analysis page, showing the refugees from Ethiopia in 1980.

Platform: Insights for ArcGIS*

Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Level: Advanced

* This lesson was developed and written for the ArcGIS Online version of Insights, but can also be performed using Insights 3.1.

About the author

Vicki Lynn Cove is a documentation writer for ArcGIS Insights, ArcGIS Online analysis, and Applied Analysis at Esri's Research and Development Centre in Ottawa, Canada. She has a background in biology, English literature, and GIS. In her spare time, Vicki Lynn enjoys fibre arts, playing her guitar, and the outdoors.


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