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ArcGIS Instant Apps: Introducing Manager

Manager is a new Instant Apps template that offers the ability to review the data from multiple maps and modify editable layers. The app displays a table in the main stage of the app to review records from layers. Alongside the table are a small map to visualize features in the web map and a pop-up panel to view the pop-ups of selected features and make edits if needed. This app is set to replace the existing Crowdsource Manager app.

Screenshot of example app
Click the image to access the app.

Set up the app

In Manager, you can add multiple maps from which to review the data. Since groups are not required for adding maps to the app, the process of adding maps to the app differs from Crowdsource Manager. The app can be created from the Instant Apps home page without any content, with a web map from Map Viewer, or from the item details page of a web map. In the app configuration, you can add maps from the available options in the map stack.

Screenshot of map stack

Once you have completed adding all the desired maps into your app, you will have options to configure the other settings that are available:

Screenshot of settings being used in app with themes applied

Review data

Manager displays the attribute table of one layer at a time; users can switch the active layer from the top of the table. Using the table, users can select features that need further review or to be updated. The table includes tools to assist with reviewing and editing data. These tools include:

Screenshot of selected features in the table

Make edits

Once users have reviewed the data in the app, there may be records that require edits. In Manager, there are two ways that edits can be made. With the Edit in table setting on, there is the option for app users to double-click a cell in the table and make an edit. The other option is to use the pop-up panel to make edits using a form. Selected features in the table display their pop-ups in the panel on the side of the table. Once a feature is opened, the pop-up panel displays the feature’s associated attachments and records along with the Edit button.

Screenshot of pop-up panel

Once users click the Edit button, the editing form for that feature appears. You can determine how the editing form looks (which fields display, which are required, related records to edit, etc.) by in Map Viewer.

Screenshot of editing form

About the author

Sarah is a Product Engineer for ArcGIS Online that works on Instant Apps. She has been with Esri since 2016 and enjoys cycling, ceramics, and hanging with her dog.

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