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November 2015 Local Government, State Government & Emergency Management Solutions Updates

In parallel with the November 2015 Update to ArcGIS Online several of the configurable ArcGIS Solutions have been updated to make deployment easier and provide new

Situational Awareness Maps and Apps

The Situational Awareness widget required to deploy the Situational Awareness maps and apps is now included in the Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.  This means you are no longer required to use Web AppBuilder Developer Edition to deploy these solutions resulting in easier and faster deployment.  Of course if you want to deploy the Situational Awareness maps and apps on premises you can continue to use Web AppBuilder Developer Edition.

The Situational Awareness solution is a suite of mission focused applications that are designed for emergency management and public safety personnel to maintain situational awareness during an incident or event.

Crowdsource Reporter, Crowdsource Manager & Crowdsource Polling

These apps have been updated to use version 3.15 of the ArcGIS API for Javascript.

Crowdsource Reporter now includes a configurable help panel, features load based on their proximity to the device when device location is shared with the browser and there is an option to use the comment table popup to build the comment submission form.

Crowdsource Polling now supports smart phones, domains in the comment entry form and the option to configure an app logo.

Together Crowdsource Reporter and Crowdsource Polling enable governments to empower stakeholders to submit problems, observations and feedback on plans via a simple map interface.  Crowdsource Manager enables governments to review and respond to stakeholder submissions.

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