Geocoding Suggestions in StreetMap Premium North America HERE 2015 R2

The next update of StreetMap Premium (North America HERE) is now available, and it includes support for geocoding suggestions!

What are geocoding suggestions?  It’s a searching capability.  Suggest is an auto-complete method that facilitates an interactive searching experience.  It makes it easier for you to find things.

For example: When typing “Disney” into a search tool, predictive suggestions of what you are trying to find are presented to you. That way, you don’t have to type in the entire address, and you can just select the specific search result record.

Suggestions for Disney search

Not only does this process make it easier and more user-friendly to find things, but it also reduces the likelihood of a searching error, since you get to choose the matching candidates immediately.

Suggestions have been supported through ArcGIS Online for a while, as a developer through the World Geocoding Service, and through the Search Tool.

Now we have another option for deploying this capability on-premises with StreetMap Premium.  This is available with the country composite locator, or if you are using individual locators, suggestions are enabled in the StreetAddress, Postal (PostalExt for Canada) locator, and AdminPlaces locator.

With ArcGIS Server, you can publish a StreetMap Premium geocoding service with suggestions.  To do this, you will need ArcGIS Server 10.3 and a patch or 10.3.1 and a patch.

You can then connect to your own geocoding service with suggestions:

Esri is working to implement suggestions across all products, including locally stored data in desktop.

The next StreetMap Premium region to support suggestions will be the Europe HERE 2015 R2.  This will have suggestions implemented within a portion of the countries.

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