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What's new in ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 (June 2024)

What’s new? A better question is What’s not new?

The June 2024 release of ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 delivers an end-to-end redesign and alignment of the user experience between components. You’ll find a streamlined and more consistent user interface, new icons, and new workflows; all wrapped in a fresh color palette. There are also more responsive tools, panes, and maps across all ArcGIS for Microsoft 365 components. This release will change how you look at ArcGIS for Microsoft 365!

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ArcGIS for Excel

Unlock the full potential of your spreadsheets to analyze, map, and visualize your data with ArcGIS for Excel. The updated user experience includes a streamlined interface for the map, map tools, and information panes, making it easier for you to extend spatial information to your spreadsheet rows.

ArcGIS for Excel user interface
ArcGIS for Excel Create spatial filter
ArcGIS for Excel hosted tables
ArcGIS for Excel Function Builder
ArcGIS for Excel collapsed and expanded quick access Selection tools
ArcGIS for Excel Layers pane with Symbology tools

ArcGIS for SharePoint

ArcGIS for SharePoint enables you to efficiently locate, map, and access your files using geotagging, searching, and sharing within a familiar framework. The June release has enhanced ArcGIS for SharePoint, empowering you to further leverage the power of spatial information in SharePoint-managed lists and documents:

ArcGIS for SharePoint updated user interface
ArcGIS for SharePoint Geotag and geosearch
ArcGIS for SharePoint selection tools
ArcGIS for SharePoint Layers pane Symbology tab

ArcGIS for Power BI

With ArcGIS for Power BI, you can leverage spatial information from datasets or convert location data into map features through geocoding, adding a new layer of depth to your reports. This release introduces enhancements to the analysis and visualization capabilities within Power Bi reports. These include an updated look and feel and more responsive and intuitive panes, tabs, and tools. Check out the updated selection tools, layer style tools, and the new layer legend.

ArcGIS for Power BI Feature Information pane
ArcGIS for Power BI add and format tooltips

ArcGIS for Teams

ArcGIS for Teams provides the capability to search and share ArcGIS content and leverage ArcGIS apps where people are already collaborating. With ArcGIS for Teams, you can use your ArcGIS identity to search for your organization’s authoritative content, such as maps, scenes, layers, and apps directly within Teams.

ArcGIS for Teams share and collaborate
Sketching and annotations with ArcGIS for Teams
ArcGIS for Teams Sketch tools
ArcGIS for Teams Copilot plugin

ArcGIS Connectors for Power Automate

ArcGIS Connectors for Power Automate enables organizations to leverage spatial capabilities as part of automated flows. These flows blend ArcGIS spatial capabilities with Microsoft 365, databases, and other business systems such as CRMs and document management systems. This release improves Survey123 automations, extends spatial reference support, and provides additional data engineering actions.

ArcGIS Connectors for Power Automate Survey123 actions
ArcGIS Connectors for Power Automate improve X,Y and date/time handling
New actions in ArcGIS Connectors for Power Automate

Additional resources

Visit the video siteproduct page, and online user guide to learn more about ArcGIS for Microsoft 365. Or join our Esri Community to connect with GIS experts, read the latest change logs and blog articles, get peer-to-peer feedback, and find answers to software questions for each component:

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