New Spatial Analyst Supplemental tools, v1.3

With this update to the Spatial Analyst Supplemental Toolbox, we have added a new Tabulate Area 2 tool, a new Zonal Statistics as Table 2 tool, and added a new parameter to the Maximum Upstream Elevation tool. Read on for more details on the improvements these tools offer.

New tools

Updated tools

Downloading and installing

The Spatial Analyst Supplemental Toolbox version v1.3 is available for download here:

Click the Open button, then select Download. Save the zip file to your machine, then extract the contents. In ArcMap, open the Catalog view and navigate to the location you extracted the files to. You should see a a folder called SpatialAnalystSupplementalTools there, which will contain a Python toolbox with the Script tools.

Note that the samples are geared for ArcGIS version 10.1 SP1 and beyond.

Other tools

For more information on the other Supplemental tools that are available, have a look at this blog post:

Introducing the Spatial Analyst Supplemental tools

About the author

Juan is a Product Engineer and Documentation Lead on the Spatial Analyst team.

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