FMV 1.3 is now available!

The latest release of Esri Full Motion Video (FMV) is now available as an Add-in for ArcGIS Desktop. With exciting new features FMV now allows more users than ever to quickly and easily analyze video data.

Previously, FMV required videos and metadata to meet the Motion Industry Standards Board (MISB) specifications. With this latest release, that’s all changed. The development of the new Multiplexer geoprocessing tool makes it easy for your organization to create MISB compliant videos yourself. Just provide previously recorded video and metadata from any video source, and use the Multiplexer to easily combine them into a new video file. The result is a MISB compliant video that is fully compatible with the FMV Add-in and geoprocessing Tools.

Another highlight of this release is the new Video Search capability. Now you can search all of your videos based on time, location, and specific map features. The search engine creates results that automatically queue only the parts of the video that you’re interested in. Search is essential if you have a collection of videos and need to see something that occurred at a specific time and place. The new search tool is designed to save you time by quickly and accurately helping you find the videos you need when you need them.

Check out our new FMV landing page for more information ( You’ll find tutorials, product information, and everything you need to get started today.

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