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Arc Hydro Tools Version 2.0 Are Now Available!

Esri has released a new version of the Arc Hydro Tools, version 2.0.

This is good news for those of you who have been waiting to upgrade your ArcGIS software until the new Arc Hydro Tools are ready.  In version 2.0, Arc Hydro tools are now fully compatible with ArcGIS version 10.0.

In addition to full compatibility with the software version 10.0, the new version of the Arc Hydro tools are also now fully available in the geoprocessing environment.

A lot of effort has been put into this release into improving performance for preprocessing large datasets.  The new version runs better and faster with larger datasets.

Arc Hydro Tools are free with your ArcGIS software license.  You may download version 2.0 of Arc Hydro Tools by connecting:

For past versions of Arc Hydro Tools, please see the Hydro Data Model page at  Be sure to keep visiting the Hydro Data Model page for more information about upcoming Arc Hydro training classes and workshops.

Special thanks to Michael Dangermond for providing this post. Questions for Michael: 

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