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Modify configurable app using custom css

The configuration panel for the Basic Viewer template provides options to customize the appearance of the application to fit your needs. We covered how to configure this app a few months ago in this post.

Occasionally we get requests asking how to make additional customizations like:

So we added a new option to the configuration panel for this template that allows you to provide custom css that will be applied to the app.  Here’s a video that demonstrates how to use this new option by updating the appearance of the title.

More advanced customizations can be done using this option such as moving the location of the panels, making the title/tool area cover the full width of the app and much more.  Explore the gallery of configured web apps to see more examples of apps customized using the Custom css option.

[iframe src=”” width=”750″ height=”238″]

If you’d like to learn more about CSS the Learning the Web – CSS tutorial available on MDN is a great place to get started.  We’d love to see what you created using Custom css so feel free to share your custom apps in the comments.

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Jonathan Pollack
Jonathan Pollack

This was super helpful and very well presented!

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