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Esri Business Analyst Term License Pricing

  • Current ArcGIS User

    ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App

    • Add ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App to your existing ArcGIS organization.

    Standard $100 /yr


    Advanced $4,000 /yr

  • New ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App User

    ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App Online Bundle

    • One (1) Creator User Type license - the foundational license to use Business Analyst to analyze data, understand trends, and share your findings.
    • One (1) ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App license - create beautiful mapsand professional reports in minutes on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
    • Six thousand (6,000) credits – these credits allow you to create stunning reports, beautiful infographics, and run demographic analysis quickly and easily.

    Standard $1,100 /yr


    Advanced $5,000 /yr

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