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Esri Community Analyst Term License Subscription

Community Analyst helps government agencies, policy makers, non-government organizations, civic organizations, and others allocate scarce community resources more effectively, communicate important information to policy makers and constituents, and improve community outreach.

  • Determine where to best allocate scarce resources to be most impactful.
  • Communicate valuable information to colleagues and constituents.
  • Use neighborhood analysis to improve community outreach and communication strategies.
  • Complete grant applications quickly by generating the population statistics required for the application.
  • Determine where to allocate grant funding based on population need.
  • Understand your own, as well as neighboring, communities better.
  • Better plan for the future by learning about population and demographic projections.
  • Determine where target populations are located.
  • Part of the ArcGIS platform, Community Analyst comes with spatial analysis tools and global data that cover over 90% of world’s population in 135+countries with 15,000+ variables on market data. Generate your market research with beautiful site maps, analytics, infographics and reports.

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