GIS Education in the Middle East and Africa

Programs for schools and universities

Students, teachers, and university researchers in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region can access the same ArcGIS software that is being used by government agencies, NGOs, and businesses.

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GIS education

Benefits and key program offerings

To meet the demands of an increasingly technology-forward world, Esri launched Interactive Mapping for Students to increase GIS awareness in schools. This geospatial program enhances curriculum by helping students understand issues and solve problems in a deeper, more holistic way, then communicate findings and act.

Powerful geospatial software

Esri shares access to ArcGIS, its flagship geographic information system (GIS) software, for students to gain hands-on experience.

Educational services

Esri regional offices and distributors offer teacher training courses, classroom exercises, field trips, and data such as imagery and maps.

GeoMentors program

Esri works with local educators and volunteers to create lessons that align with national curriculum standards, conducted in local languages.

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GIS education in MEA

Over the years, Esri has partnered with a large number of schools, universities, and training institutions across the Middle East and Africa. Highlighted here are some of the most engaging programs from around the region.

GIS education programs for universities

Several GIS certificates exist for learning GIS and growing the skills required for a flourishing career in this field. The certifications are useful whether you are a student or have already joined the workforce. Other programs offer rewarding experiences to university students to further their GIS knowledge. GIS is also being used to facilitate courses and mapping projects at universities across the Middle East and Africa.

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Featured countries

Explore the GIS education websites of these countries that are participating in Esri’s GIS programs.

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