Join business leaders and strategic industry experts at this invitation-only forum to explore how location intelligence helps global organizations achieve greater performance while enabling improved corporate responsibility. 

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Location technology is transforming how the most competitive organizations use spatial business intelligence to reveal insights and patterns that drive faster, better-informed decision-making.

Drive sustainable growth

Businesses grow by increasing revenue incrementally, realizing greater value from current investments, expanding into new markets, and developing new lines of business.

Strengthen operational effectiveness

Location intelligence is central to operational effectiveness. It helps business professionals maximize facility, network, and distribution operations while improving customer satisfaction.

Enhance business resilience

Businesses face increasingly complex challenges, from global health crises to economic and political volatility. To minimize costly disruptions and thrive when the stakes are high, organizations must use spatial technology to enhance resilience.

Join a new era of corporate social responsibility

In this new era of responsible commerce, business executives are pressured to achieve growth while addressing social equity and environmental sustainability. Among leading companies, location-based data and analytics are core to that mission.

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