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Business Leadership Forum

@ Esri UC

July 2023

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Join business leaders and strategic industry experts at this invitation-only forum to explore how geospatial thinking helps global organizations achieve greater performance while addressing growing corporate responsibility initiatives.

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Location technology is transforming how the most competitive organizations use spatial business intelligence to reveal insights and patterns that drive faster, better-informed decision-making.

Gain insights from real-world successes

Hear from business leaders who are using the power of location to drive sustainable growth for their organizations and respond to customer needs.

Strengthen operational effectiveness

Location intelligence is central to operational effectiveness. It helps spatial business professionals maximize facility, network, and distribution operations while improving customer satisfaction.

Proactively enhance business resilience

Discover the next great competitive advantage—resilience. Organizations must leverage spatial tools to proactively minimize the frequency and cost of disruptions and thrive when the stakes are high.

Lead in the era of corporate responsibility

As businesses reassess the measure of success to include positive impacts on economic, social, and environmental outcomes, geospatial intelligence becomes core to that mission.

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