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BCS is more than just innovative solutions. We understand the commitment and dedication that is required to be successful in public safety. We create solutions by partnering with agencies that are seeking to leverage technology and strategies to improve their operational performance in the field. From high-performance solutions designed to help improve the delivery of time-critical services to managing non-emergency transportation in the most efficient way possible, BCS is focused on helping you achieve your desired results. Talk with us if you are serious about becoming more efficient and effective in your logistical operations.


Booth #112

Esri is the global market leader in geographic information systems (GIS) and since 1969 has supported organizations everywhere with the most powerful mapping and spatial analytics technology available—ArcGIS. Esri applies The Science of Where to unlock data’s full potential in every organization. Using GIS technology allows communities to understand risk and plan effective mitigation strategies that maximize available resources. By using this powerful platform to reveal a deeper insight into data, Esri customers are creating maps that run their organizations and the world. With the right technology, people, and processes, every community can become a safe community.

Interra Inc.

Booth #109

Operations, Incident Management, Preplanning, Reporting & Analytics.

We’re on a mission to arm fire agencies apps that make the job easier, flexible, safer.

Tablet Command

Booth # 103

Tablet Command supports the needs of emergency response personnel and the citizens they serve by providing an agile and scalable mission critical response, resource management, and accountability solution.


Tenzinga is an employee performance management system that helps leaders to be better leaders, and employees to perform at higher levels, through objectivity, transparency and clear expectations.

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Deccan International

Booth #110

Deccan’s decision-support software applications help Fire & EMS departments improve their response times, optimize their resources and defend their budgets.

First Due

Booth # 102

First Due has reimagined pre-Incident planning for Agencies nationwide through its cloud-based first-responder safety and situational awareness platform. First Due automates the aggregation of disparate municipal data sources, then provides powerfully intuitive planning and community engagement tools to provide critical building & occupant data leading to better incident outcomes.

RadioMobile Inc.

Booth #104

RadioMobile delivers end-to-end data communication solutions for first responders through development and integration of MDCs, mobile status & resource mapping software, AVL, CAD interfaces, alerting systems, and seamless wireless networking; trusted by the largest agencies in CA, operating more safely and effectively with greater situational awareness especially in remote areas.


Booth #107 

Technosylva provides advanced GIS-enabled software solutions for wildfire protection planning, operational response & firefighter and public safety. Our solutions encapsulate years of forestry and wildfire experience into efficient, timely and responsive applications. We are the vendor of choice for the California IOU's to support wildfire risk and operational modeling.


First Arriving

Booth # 108

First Arriving proudly offers our Dashboard platform as the best digital notification and dashboard information signage. Keep your agency personnel & members informed like never before with real-time incident alerts, easy-to-update key information and tons of third party integrations for fire, law enforcement, EMS and local government. Dedicated screen, desktop & tablet options available.


Booth #105

FlameMapper believes in low-cost modeling with easy-to-use tools and machine learning (ML) derived analytical layers to inform decision making. Our software solutions provide near-real-time wildfire behavior modeling inside ArcGIS Pro’s 3D platform. 

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OptiStreams is a telecommunications solutions provider, specializing in mobile and remote systems, including its M.O.S.E.S. product, a rugged, highly-mobile and infrastructure-independent telecommunications platform.