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About Dana

Dana Carey has been working in various areas of Emergency Planning for Yolo County for over 10 years. While at the Yolo County Health Department, Carey was tasked with overseeing planning and training for the Medical and Health responders of the County and served as the County's Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator. In 2013, she transferred to the County Office of Emergency Services to focus on a wide variety of emergency planning and response activities. She has been involved in many State and Federal projects to enhance preparedness and response pertaining to Medical and Health preparedness and continues to reach out and be involved in as many OES projects as possible including: participating in the SEMS Specialist Training Committee, the SEMS Advisory Board, the CESA Inland Chapter, the CESA Training Committee, the CSTI Professional Development project, various Emergency Management GIS projects and development of Emergency Management training curricula. 

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