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About David

David Gollob has over 30 years of experience working in database and analytics systems. After receiving his degree in Math and Computer Science at University of Denver, he worked as a principal consultant for numerous Fortune 100 companies, helping them to develop enterprise business solutions, highly scalable OLTP systems, data warehouse and analytics systems. His vendor tour started with Sybase, where he participated in two patents for his work at TCI Corporation focused on billing and distributed systems design. At Sybase, Gollob also spent one-and-a-half years in Switzerland as the Principal Architect. In 1996, he joined Microsoft, where he remains today. His work at Microsoft includes both his delivery as a Principal Consultant as well as Managing Consultant where he founded the Microsoft Telecom Practice. Gollob has presented and participated in numerous industry events, panel discussions, Microsoft technical events and product review and feedback cycles. Today, he travels the western states visiting state and local government customers, evangelizing and assisting with Azure data (big and small) architecture planning, advanced analytics, and solutions design. He enjoys his time with his family as well as mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and fishing in Colorado.

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