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About Jim

Jim Herries is a geographer and product engineer for Esri in Redlands. He uses geographic information system (GIS) technology to create maps, map layers, apps, and story maps for ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World and ArcGIS Online. He constantly looks for ways to create clear, focused map information products that incorporate meaningful spatial analysis and evocative visualizations.

Herries serves as a map curator for ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World, the Urban Observatory exhibit, and the Esri Maps for Public Policy collection. Through these, he helps others create visually appealing and useful map information products.

As a product engineer, Herries contributes to the research and development work in web map cartography, web map functionality, and applications by sharing his observations from using the software every day. He has a longtime interest in modeling interactions among people and access to the things around them, such as access to healthy food, parks, day care, and transportation.

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