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Accessibility and On-Site Services

We’re dedicated to providing a welcoming, respectful, safe, and accessible environment for all attendees.


Esri complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and endeavors to ensure that all contracted (Esri-sponsored) spaces comply with accessibility standards. For attendees requiring accessibility assistance, Esri is pleased to provide a dedicated, on-site contact. Please reach out to our accessibility team before the conference for more information.

Email our accessibility team
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American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are available at the conference. Attendees who need the services of an ASL interpreter are asked to email their request with their schedule to

Service animals are welcome at the conference. Service animals, as defined by ADA standards, are dogs "individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities." Please contact the Esri accessibility team if you have any special requirements.

Summit attendees needing first aid during event hours should visit the First Aid Desk, located in the Primrose Lobby at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 immediately from any available phone or cell phone, then notify venue security staff so they can quickly direct first responders.


Our conference fosters an environment where collaboration can thrive, innovation is abundant and encouraged, and all attendees are provided with the opportunity to learn and grow.

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As a global conference with a diverse community, Esri embraces and respects the religious affiliations of our community. Attendees have access to a prayer/quiet room to reflect, meditate, and practice their faith during our summit. Please visit the Palm Springs Convention Center Information Desk in the Primrose Lobby for the location of and access to the room.

Esri is pleased to offer nursing rooms for attendees and Esri staff during the conference. These rooms are equipped with electrical outlets, seating, and a refrigerator to store expressed milk and secured by a key lock. Please visit the registration desk for room locations and to arrange access.

Please contact if you need information on attendance of guests and children under 18.


We are dedicated to a sustainable planet, investing in solutions that help protect the earth and advocate for its care. Please reach out to our sustainability team with any questions.

  • We work to reduce the carbon footprint for our events. We use fully recyclable materials, made from postconsumer waste fibers, for our signage instead of the traditional foam core boards.
  • We are moving toward zero plastics for food and beverage options.
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Frequently asked questions

Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If you witness or are subjected to inappropriate behavior or have any other concerns, notify an Esri staff member at our Registration Desk as soon as possible. Appropriate action will be taken to ensure that the event maintains a safe and constructive environment for everyone—free of harassment, aggression, and intimidation.

The consequences of such behavior may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Immediate removal from a session or meeting
  • Restricted access to future Esri events
  • Denial of admission to future Esri events

Esri reserves the right to take any or all of these disciplinary actions as deemed necessary for all events. We ask that all Esri staff and event attendees be mindful of the  Esri Code of Conduct for conferences and community spaces during this event.

Review the Code of Conduct

For the safety and security of all involved, all conference sessions, tracks, and exhibits are for registered attendees only, unless otherwise noted. All registered conference attendees must be at least 18 years of age (see information below for attendees traveling with infants).

Infants under two years of age may accompany registered attendees into event sessions, workshops, the Expo, and other activities if the infant is in a carrier and supervised at all times. If the infant begins to fuss or creates a distraction for other attendees in the session, the parent should step out to attend to the infant (please see the Esri Code of Conduct for Conferences and Community Spaces).

Exceptions may apply, so we request that attendees reach out and discuss individual needs with the Esri accessibility team.

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