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About Bruce

Bruce is the author of the learning-science fiction book, Junana

Since the age of 14, Bruce Caron has been writing fiction. He typed an epic, galactic warfare novel onto pages he had trimmed to the size of a paperback book. At college in Seattle, he studied with sci-fi author Frank Herbert. In between his Masters in Linguistics and his PhD in Anthropology, he wrote an ethnographic murder mystery novel set in the San Juan Islands.

When he finished his doctorate, Caron took a job programming for a small company with a NASA cooperative agreement to produce educational games about the Earth's climate system. In researching game design, he learned that the most fun anyone had in any game—or puzzle, or maybe in life—was to learn something new and immediately apply it to solve a problem or defeat a challenge.

Games, Caron realized, were active learning engines. What might happen if these engines were geared for real-life learning? That's when he wrote Junana. When his readers kept asking him to write about Junana's effect on the planet, he wrote two sequels: Junana: Game Nation and Junana: Game State.

In 2000, Caron founded the New Media Studio in Santa Barbara, a non-profit organization that has worked with NASA, the NSF, and several private foundations to build and showcase new technologies for Earth data science, data use, and education.

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