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About Mark

Mark Gahegan directs the Centre for eResearch at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. The Centre helps researchers across a broad spectrum of sciences tackle challenging computational research by providing scientific computing and software engineering expertise, patternable services such as virtualized compute platforms, research data services, visualization and analytics, and educational offerings to upskill the research community.

Gahegan's research interests are broad, covering most aspects of GIS, visualization, philosophy of science, semantics and pragmatics, e-science, representation of scientific knowledge, geocomputation, digital remote sensing, artificial intelligence tools, spatial analysis, Voronoi diagrams, spatial databases and algorithms, and spatial reasoning. He's also dabbled in mineral potential mapping, epidemiology, habitat analysis, bio-informatics, e-learning, and predicting land-cover change.

Gahegan earned a BSc at the University of Leeds and a PhD in GIS at Curtin University, both in computer science. He has published many scholarly works related to GIS, under his name and others. He has also worked as a delivery boy, fitness instructor, musician, software engineer, and academic geographer. As Professor of Geography at Penn State University, he helped established the renowned World Campus Master of GIS degree program.

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