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About Patricia

Patricia Solís is CoDirector of the Center for Geospatial Technology at Texas Tech University.  She is also on faculty in the Department of Geosciences as Research Associate Professor of Geography and affiliated with the TTU Climate Science Center. Dr. Solís received a BS in Physics, BA in German, and MA in Geography from Kansas State University.  She earned her Ph.D. in Geography from the University of Iowa where she was a Presidential Fellow.  

As a geographer, she has developed over fifty competitively funded projects totaling more than $9 million, promoting innovations in research and education collaboration.  Her international experience includes fostering north-south and south-south academic networks among emerging scholars in sixty countries across Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.  Her research focuses on designing applications of geospatial technologies to address socially relevant challenges, from water resource conflict to climate change induced hazards to broadening participation in higher education. Her creative leadership has resulted in the development of collaborative research methodologies, new designs for research-centered learning, and the sustained institutionalization of a public-private global partnership centered on digital geographic technologies.  These efforts have been recognized by the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development as a model program.  She co-founded and directs YouthMappers, a program funded by the US Agency for International Development to operate a consortium of universities globally to create and use open geospatial data for humanitarian and development needs. In two years, the network has grown to more than one hundred universities in 35 countries. She also serves as the elected and State-Department appointed President of the Geography Commission of the PanAmerican Institute for Geography and History of the Organization of American States, and has been honored with the designation of National Researcher II from Panama and the Enlaces Award for academic collaboration with Latin America. She is named as a Specialist on the Fulbright Commissions’ Roster of Experts. 

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