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Plenary Session

Utilities now face a new wave of powerful disruption from emerging technology, grid modernization, customer demands for affordability and reliability, regulations, and IT/OT integration. Geographic information system (GIS) technology continues to evolve and is increasingly playing a large role in the digital transformation of utilities to meet these changes and demands. GIS assists users in doing their work better and helps organizations understand and communicate in many new ways. It breaks down organizational barriers and facilitates new forms of open collaboration around shared geographic information. Today, the Web GIS pattern is rapidly growing—making a difference across organizations that are delivering technology, data, services, and science to everyone through the adoption of the geospatial infrastructure.

This session brings together key industry stakeholders from Europe and around the world to address the current challenges of energy transition in their utility sectors. Find out how utility leaders are modernizing networks by improving integration, implementing new technologies, and lowering operational costs by enabling fieldworkers and decision-makers with the right tools to do better work.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019 from 8:30 - 12:00


Plenary Speakers

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