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Hear from the keynote and guest speakers on Tuesday

Connect and transform organizations using GIS

Learn from the keynote and guest speakers, Esri staff, and your regional peers about how you can help move your organization forward using GIS.

Discover the power of Esri technology

Attend the Plenary Session for an inside look into the latest GIS technology innovations and the ways you can start upgrading your projects.

Benefit from a more intimate conference

Take advantage of this more intimate Plenary Session at the Esri Mid-Atlantic User Conference, tailored to the needs of the mid-Atlantic region.

John Nelson—Cartography and UX, Esri

Maps Are Engagement Engines

The spatial community is a wonderful and unique family of makers, impacting organizations and the world as a whole. Maps, the language of our craft, are an inherently attractive communication device, jam-packed with potential energy. How can we nudge our maps to better convert that energy into motion, engaging audiences, provoking questions, and pushing toward understanding? John Nelson will dive into an example-rich array of recommendations for making the most of mapping adventures.

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Beyond the Toll—Our Way Is the Highway | Featured Transportation Presentation | Rob Marsters, Senior IT Project Manager—GeoAnalytics

Discover how spatial analytics and situational awareness are creating the best travel experience for drivers on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Using GIS for monitoring, incident management, and maintenance allows the commission to keep the turnpike moving while providing drivers safety and peace of mind.

Esri staff

Technology Presentations

Esri staff will guide you through the latest advances and capabilities in ArcGIS and the powerful tools available to help you address challenges to do your work better. See demonstrations on the latest in ArcGIS Pro 2.4, simplifying 3D and parcel editing, and how ArcGIS Urban connects your planning department with the power of GIS. Learn more about ArcGIS field capabilities in emergency management and day-to-day operations, connecting office and field staff to streamline workflows.

Design Smarter with Location Intelligence

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) Featured Presentation | Micah Callough | Esri

Learn how ArcGIS AEC Collections connects building information modeling (BIM)/CAD engineers with geographic information for better understanding of project impacts to the environment, collection of data from the field, communication with stakeholders, and delivery of projects in new and efficient ways.

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