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Hear from the keynote and guest speakers on Tuesday

Connect and transform organizations using GIS

Learn from the keynote and guest speakers, Esri staff, and your regional peers about how you can help move your organization forward using GIS.

Discover the power of Esri technology

Attend the Plenary Session for an inside look into the latest GIS technology innovations and the ways you can start upgrading your projects.

Benefit from a more intimate conference

Take advantage of this smaller, more intimate Plenary Session at the Esri Midwest User Conference, tailored to the needs of the Midwest region.

Ismael Chivite—Keynote

Senior Product Manager | Esri | Optimizing Field Operations with the Power of Location

The time is right, people are ready, and tech is available: You have a unique opportunity to apply location intelligence and GIS to field operations, transforming how people work, improving safety, and supporting better decision-making in your organization.

Green Bay Police Department

Tackling Game Day Operations  | Featured Presentation | Paul Ebel, Commander

Discover how field mobility and situational awareness are streamlining operations during game day at Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers. Using GIS for real-time tracking, monitoring, and impact analysis allows the Green Bay Police Department to keep fans safe and traffic moving during the excitement of one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Esri staff

Esri staff will guide you through the latest advances and capabilities in ArcGIS and the powerful tools available to help you address challenges to do your work better. See demonstrations on the latest in ArcGIS Pro 2.4, simplifying 3D and parcel editing, and how ArcGIS Urban connects your planning department with the power of GIS. Learn more about ArcGIS field capabilities in emergency management and day-to-day operations, connecting office and field staff to streamline workflows.

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