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Sponsors and Exhibitors

April 18–19, 2023

Thank you to our sponsors and exhibitors whose support helps make this event possible.


Axim Geospatial

Axim Geospatial’s mission is to use its expertise to provide clarity and solutions to help clients solve the world’s national security, infrastructure, and environmental problems. It is the largest singular provider of end-to-end geospatial services and solutions in the US, empowering its clients to make the world a smarter, safer, and better place to live for all.

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Blue Raster

Blue Raster provides intelligent web technologies and mapping solutions that help government, nonprofit, and commercial clients harness the power of GIS to achieve their goals. Its mission is to develop innovative, solution-oriented mobile and web-based mapping applications for conservation, health, sustainable development, emergency response, and local governance. Contact Blue Raster for custom web and mobile mapping apps, enterprise installations, spatial analysis, cloud deployment, and more.

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England-Thims & Miller, Inc.

England-Thims & Miller, Inc. (ETM) is a team of infrastructure and development consultants that partners with top GIS and asset management companies, including Esri and Cartegraph, to find geospatial solutions. ETM developed its DeepVUE platform to address challenges such as limited budgets and rapid digital transformation. Built on ArcGIS, DeepVUE integrates national public and proprietary data that provides comprehensive insights and intelligence.

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ROK Technologies

ROK Technologies is focused on architecting, deploying, and managing ArcGIS Enterprise software and desktop applications in cloud and hybrid environments. As an Esri partner, its Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Esri expert team bring extensive, multidisciplinary knowledge to every GIS organization it serves. With scalable, highly durable, and cost-effective technologies, ROK takes IT and ArcGIS Enterprise management off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best—GIS.

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Trimble, Inc.—Cityworks

Trimble’s asset lifecycle management solutions integrate design, project delivery, and maintenance functions to help teams stay confident, proactive, and coordinated. Public confidence and organizational productivity will soar by connecting open, reliable asset data through digital workflows, resulting in successful projects and lower total cost of asset ownership.

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Avineon has over 30 years of successful experience working with commercial, federal, state, and local agencies. Its geospatial solutions include consulting, planning, specification development, software development, project management, data capture, data conflation, photo interpretation, database development, training, and data maintenance. Avineon is an Esri partner with the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Specialty. It has a large team of qualified professionals ready to serve your geospatial needs.

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Elements XS

Elements XS provides a simplified approach to GIS-centric asset and work management for small to medium-sized utilities and local government. Using Esri’s ArcGIS system, Elements XS provides an ultra-flexible suite of tools to manage service requests, work orders, inspections, routine maintenance, citizen requests, permits, licenses, and much more.

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Eos Positioning Systems

Eos Positioning Systems is an award-winning Esri partner and the Canadian manufacturer of the Arrow Series GNSS (GPS) receivers. Arrow GNSS receivers were the first on the market to be compatible with all Esri mobile data collection apps across all mobile platforms. These receivers offer free data collection solutions for ArcGIS users, including laser offsets, underground asset mapping with utility locators, and real-time orthometric heights. Visit the Eos Positioning Systems booth during the event.

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Fernleaf provides climate resilience decision-making support to all levels of government—from federal to local. It supports a deeper understanding of climate vulnerabilities and the adaptation actions necessary to address risks equitably.

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Infotech is a software as a service (SaaS) provider with decades of construction technology experience. It works with departments of transportation and local public agencies to bridge the gaps between owners, consultants, contractors, and other project stakeholders. Its systems for construction administration, bidding, inspection, digital project delivery, and GIS increase transparency and productivity. Infotech developed the Appia SaaS platform and Bid Express solution and is the official contractor for AASHTOWare software.

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As a leading technology service provider, InterDev offers comprehensive services that enable organizations to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and gain insights from their data. Its solutions include IT and GIS assessments; strategic planning; ArcGIS Enterprise design and implementation; and comprehensive, GIS managed service.

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Leica Geosystems

Revolutionizing the world of measurement and survey for 200 years, Leica Geosystems (part of Hexagon) creates complete solutions for professionals around the globe. It’s known for developing premium products and innovative solutions. Professionals from a diverse mix of industries—such as aerospace and defense, safety and security, construction, and manufacturing—trust Leica Geosystems for all of their geospatial needs.

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Roadworks by OPA Technologies

Roadworks by OPA Technologies meets the tangible and urgent needs of small, medium, and large cities as well as government agencies, engineering consulting firms, and construction professionals. It helps clients plan, coordinate, and communicate traffic obstructions and manage road mobility in real time.

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Logo for Roadworks by OPA

The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

The Sanborn Map Company, Inc. delivers geospatial solutions, mapping, analysis, visualization, and 3D solutions for customers worldwide. The firm currently operates a fleet of aircraft located strategically across the US. Sanborn embraces cutting-edge technology and specializes in oblique imagery, lidar and mobile lidar, orthophotography, 3D modeling, high-definition maps, and indoor mapping.

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VeriDaas Corporation

VeriDaaS Corporation is building the most comprehensive geospatial data library ever created. It brings a full spectrum of geospatial solutions to market, from data acquisition to geointelligence analytics. With a focus on highly accurate data, derivative products, and applications, its mission is to expand the accessibility and functionality of data while reducing costs, satisfying not only today’s needs, but the future needs of end users across a wide range of new and emerging markets.

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VertiGIS is an Esri partner and leading provider of industry-specific cloud and mobile software for the world’s top companies in the public sector and utilities, infrastructure, and telecommunications industries. It works closely with Esri to expand the reach of what users can accomplish with ArcGIS and offers its shared customers the most advanced industry platform for their digital transformation.

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Vexcel Data Program

For over 30 years, Vexcel Imaging has been at the top of the photogrammetric and remote sensing space, building market-leading UltraCam sensors and providing a comprehensive library of cloud-based geospatial data. The Vexcel Data Program is the largest aerial imagery program in the world, collecting high-resolution imagery and geospatial data in over 25 countries with its dedicated fleet of fixed-wing aircraft. Vexcel's unique technology stack results in unmatched accuracy and consistency across its aerial collection programs. It helps customers streamline remote assessment, innovate common workflows, and enhance decision-making.

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