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2019 Keynote

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John Nelson—Cartography and UX, Esri

John Nelson is left-handed, works in a small woodshed, stands at his desk, enjoys bursting into song, likes the color blue, is terrible with names, and has a constant inner narration.

Nelson revels in the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with amazing colleagues at Esri, where he enjoys a mix of user experience (UX) design, experimental cartography, speaking, writing, and teaching. He Tweets as @john_m_nelson and blogs. He frequently writes instructional cartographic blog posts and story maps.

His presentation is called "Maps Are Engagement Engines." The spatial community is a wonderful and unique family of makers, impacting organizations and the world as a whole. Maps, the language of our craft, are an inherently attractive communication device, jam-packed with potential energy. How can we nudge our maps to better convert that energy into motion, engaging audiences, provoking questions, and pushing toward understanding? Nelson will dive into an example-rich array of recommendations for making the most of mapping adventures.

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