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2019 Keynote

Featured Keynote

Brenda Wolfe—Senior Product Manager, Esri

Brenda Wolfe is a senior product manager who works directly with governments, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), businesses, and academic institutions around the world to ensure Esri's software supports their goals. Wolfe helped create software products for economic development, community outreach, and internal decision-making. 

Her keynote presentation is called "Small Mighty Steps." With GIS, you have the capabilities to make a difference in your community, business, or the world. But trying to have a big impact may seem daunting. This presentation will provide you with several small actions you can take to amplify the impact of your work. The steps are organized in a progressive framework to allow you to customize your personal path forward.

Wolfe has an analytical background with degrees in both statistics and economics. She began as a tax policy analyst in the Montana Department of Revenue, analyzing the revenue impacts of proposed legislation. Her love of analytical software led her to join SAS Institute for seven years as a product manager. At SAS, she helped create large-scale, statistical forecasting products used by commercial companies.

Today, Wolfe helps organizations unlock the power of their data with greater collaboration among staff, external partners, and the broader community. Her latest product, ArcGIS Hub, calls on many ArcGIS capabilities to align people, data, and activities around important initiatives that improve the community.    

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