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About Laura

Laura Schuch, PhD, is a geospatial analyst with the Great Lakes Rural Community Assistance Program (RCAP). She has experience in the public, private, and academic sectors, working as a GIS professional and statistical and spatial data analyst. The focus of her career has been on various aspects of environmental assessment and mapping content such as environmental remediation; water, wastewater, and storm water systems; and features of the built environment that affect human health and quality of life.

Schuch is passionate about projects that promote the health of individuals and the environment, especially if she can find ways to utilize data to benefit communities through geospatial analysis and visualizations. Schuch especially enjoys identifying new approaches to use data to overcome challenges.

Within RCAP, Schuch works with utilities that participate in the RCAP's GIS cooperative services, leads the effort to train utility personnel in how to use GIS web and mobile apps, and conducts spatial analysis whenever possible.

Schuch has a master's degree in public health environmental health and a doctoral degree in geography from Kent State University.

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