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Plenary Session

November 6–7, 2023 | London, UK

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Mapping graphics and photos of an oil refinery, windmills, a pipe valve, and a person performing an inspection of machinery

The dynamic power of ArcGIS

Thought leaders and Esri experts will demonstrate how you can deploy GIS technology to support success across your organization.


Keynote Session

North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA)

The NSTA manages oil, gas, and carbon industries, fostering North Sea energy transition while realizing the potential of the United Kingdom Continental Shelf (UKCS). It champions 2030 emissions reduction goals and collaborates to reach net-zero emissions. The NSTA's mission is to drive economic growth, job creation, and efficiency through inclusive leadership, data analysis, and stewardship.


Two speakers from NSTA will present during the Keynote Session.

Nic Granger

As director of corporate & CFO, Nic leads an award-winning team for strategic decisions in digital transformation, data policy, IT, & finance.

John Seabourn

As chief digital & information officer, John drives digital transformation, data services, and industry investment for UK energy regulation.

A large power plant with a complex network of pipes, wiring, and silos set against a blue sky and mountains
Portraits of Nic Granger and John Seabourn

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