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Partner offerings

Start with the required item, then customize by adding on items and optional add-on items that are right for you.

Steps to apply

1. Get connected

Make sure that your My Esri account is connected to your customer number.
View instructions to connect your account

2. Start your application

Once connected, you can now access the portal to submit your application.

3. Provide organization details

Add your organization details to help attendees learn about your organization.

4. Select the required virtual listing

For this conference, all participants are required to purchase a virtual listing.

5. Select participation level

Remember, your participation level is solely determined by how much you spend. Your spending path will determine the offerings available to you.

6. Customize with the à la carte menu

Enhance your presence by selecting items from the menu of items available on the spending path you selected.

7. Make your payment

Esri requires payment in full at the time of the application submission. You may qualify for a special discount. Be sure to check with your partner manager to see what you qualify for.

Frequently asked questions

How do I register my booth/listing staff?

To register staff that will work as booth/listing representatives, you will need a special registration link. This is provided in your application confirmation email with detailed instructions. The organization is responsible for determining who is a designated representative and for sharing the unique registration link.

Does Esri provide a list of attendees for this event?

Esri events are open only to Esri users. The user list is proprietary information and, therefore, is not provided to exhibitors or attendees. However, exhibitors will have the ability to capture contact information of those you interact with in your listing or the networking feature during the conference.

Applications are currently closed

Applications will open the week of December 7, 2020

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