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Presentation abstract

Incorporating GeoDesign into the Agricultural Landscape—3D on the Farm

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) operates real property assets in the form of research centres and farms across Canada where scientists, technicians and staff work to create better opportunities for farmers and all Canadians through agricultural research and innovation. A project was initiated that required collaboration from stakeholders that included geomatics personnel, facility managers, field staff, and research scientists that centralized, and standardized geospatial related data as it pertained to real property assets. This data includes themes such as soils, agricultural stability, land use designations, topography, drainage, roads and utility corridors, watercourses, irrigation/drainage systems, building locations, and floor plans. Upon completion of the migration, data was made available through a map-based interface where clients could discover and access the relevant information they require to meet their business needs and outcomes in a timely and efficient manner. Extending views of landscapes within the agricultural context from 2D to 3D and 4D are being developed so that stakeholders can develop an even greater understanding of their data. 

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