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About Brian

With over twenty years in the GIS industry, Brian Sims has focused the past decade on modeling the world in a 3D GIS.  He was the GIS Manager for the City of Pasadena in California where he helped orchestrate numerous GIS conversion projects from public safety to utilities to planning and built a photo realistic 3D model of the city.  After his time at the City, Sims joined Esri where lead efforts to develop repeatable patterns for creating 3D cities and conducting uniquely 3D analysis.  This work is now part of the Local Government Solutions offerings.  His attention evolved into exploring the use of Esri 3D technology to support urban planning activities with the belief we can create a more sustainable future for the environment and us humans by creating better cities.  He was a member of a small innovative team that developed the precursor to ArcGIS Urban. Sims recently joined Houseal Lavigne Associated as a Principal to focus on creating better cities through the use of innovative applications of geospatial technology.

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