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About Brooks

Brooks is an Account Executive and Global Business Development Lead for 3D GIS at Esri. He helps customers and partners, across local government and private sectors, understand and implement Esri’s Enterprise 3D GIS software and solutions. Brooks is also a landscape architect, urban planner, and a frequent presenter at international conferences and workshops. He leads a team working with 3D GIS and is responsible for ArcGIS Urban. This Esri solution product is for cities and planning organizations to orchestrate urban development, simulate the impact of scenario planning, and enable decision-makers to meet or exceed project goals related to public engagement and sustainability. 

Presentation abstract

ArcGIS Urban: An Introduction

Around the world, organizations use GIS to visualize the built environment, make smarter plans, engage stakeholders, and foster vibrant communities. Government leaders, partners, and citizens increasingly expect engaging online maps of their community that convey planning information in an easy-to-understand way. This session will provide an overview of ArcGIS Urban, an upcoming initiative to transform how we orchestrate city development through web-based and desktop tools to make planning more creative and more productive.

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