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About Caitlin

Caitlin Smith is a project manager and consultant on Esri's state and local government services team, where she works largely in support of planning agencies and initiatives. Smith joined Esri after several years working at an urban and regional planning firm in Alberta, Canada. With a master's degree in landscape architecture and specific expertise in regional planning, GIS, and geodesign, Smith helps state and local governments plan the future of their communities using Esri's next generation technologies. She is also a faculty member in Penn State's Geodesign program.

Presentation abstract

Designing the Future with GeoPlanner

GeoPlanner for ArcGIS is a web-based tool that marries the principles of geodesign with the power of the ArcGIS platform. GeoPlanner facilitates the exploration of existing conditions, the design of potential scenarios, and the rapid evaluation of those scenarios to predict and compare impact. Ultimately, GeoPlanner provides an iterative and collaborative framework for communities to make sound decisions about the future.

This session will demonstrate the capabilities of GeoPlanner for facilitating geodesign workflows. You will

  • Understand how an area behaves by discovering authoritative data and performing analysis.
  • Create well-informed planning scenarios that meet the demands of the future, while minimizing impact on supporting systems.
  • Quickly measure the impact of scenario alternatives by comparing key performance indicators.
  • Collaborate in teams to design and test ideas and gain consensus on the outcome.
  • Share your scenarios via apps on the ArcGIS platform.

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