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About Daniel

Daniel Michalec is a cartographer with over 20 years of experience in the implementation, management, and application of geospatial technologies and data for a variety of industries. He has spent significant tenures in the Department of Defense leading geospatial initiatives at a substantial scale and within the Energy industry addressing a variety of legacy problems via geospatial thinking. He has taught GIS coursework at the college level as an adjunct faculty member and is a frequent presenter at National and International conferences. Throughout his career, he has become versed in a variety of geospatial approaches and techniques, from large scale aerial acquisition and high accuracy UAS data autocorrelation to cyber-security for GIS architecture and BIM/3D GIS visualization. He leads Corporate Research and Development for Woolpert—an international AEG Firm. In his current role, he enjoys the challenge of building a geospatial framework across the Firm’s many Architecture, Engineering, and Geospatial services. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Cartography, a Master of Arts in Geography/GIS, and GISP, PMP, Network+, and Security+ certifications.

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