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Presentation abstract

Visualizing Developments and Complex Street Scenarios in Toronto's Urban Core: A 3D Design Study

Modelling complex urban areas to a high level of detail is largely dependent on data availability, quality and accuracy, and these complexities exist at multiple levels of scale. Through a macro to micro approach, a large urban area of the City of Toronto has been modelled and created as a "digital twin", providing a test-bed for urban simulations to take place. This digital twin began by focusing on modelling neighbourhood boundaries and city street grids, eventually moving to a medium scale of building form, texture and open space modeling, and finally focusing on the minutiae of street furniture placement, sidewalk texturing and parking lines. The final resultant 3D model is a robust digital twin that acts as an adaptable test-bed for urban-focused projects and city planning strategies, and is now being used to simulate 3D traffic and pedestrian flows within the City of Toronto. In addition to this digital twin model, a survey application will be demonstrated, which tests complete street components through an immersive scene with animated pedestrian and vehicular traffic. This project was created using Esri CityEngine, Unity Engine, ArcGIS Online and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.

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