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About Glenn

For over 30 years, Glenn Page has been working on large-scale systems change. As a systems ecologist, he helped shape the field of coastal and watershed restoration, recognized by former Vice President Gore as an "Environmental Hero." Serving as the first director of conservation at the National Aquarium, he integrated real-time data with a wide range of exhibits to inspire large-scale public involvement in stewardship across the globe. Currently, his work focuses on regeneration of social, economic, and ecological systems across many scales and contexts around the world. His advanced degrees are in interdisciplinary marine science and evaluation, and he has been working at the interface of science, policy, and practice.

Page is president/CEO of SustainaMetrix, which is "Navigating in the Anthropocene" as he leads a team of interdisciplinary experts who brings innovation, evaluation, and systems thinking to complex, messy, cross-scale, wicked challenges of our time. A major contribution has been his work with developing baseline diagnostics to better see, connect, and accelerate transformative change. One example is the pioneering work of building a baseline of governance response to ecosystem change. He works with a wide range of clients including the United Nations, Republic of Ireland, Shell Oil, IUCN, Luc Hoffmann Institute, Stockholm Resilience Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Tufts University, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and numerous philanthropic foundations. He serves on international boards, publishes in peer-reviewed journals, contributes to global networks such as the SDG Transformations Forum, and is a senior adviser to the Regenerative Communities Network.

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