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Presentation abstract

A Smart Bicycle Map for a Sustainable Future

Almost every city has published a bicycle master plan in recent years. To meet the growing demand for tools in bicycle planning, the Charlottesville Bicycle Map ( has grown from a course project to a web app that covers mapping, routing, and traffic modeling. The central piece of the app is a network built around bikeability which is a quantitative measure of environmental factors including perceived safety, bike lane, slope, as well as travel time and distance. With this network, a user can find the best route by safety, calories, overall bikeability, or create a bikeshed that presents an easily reachable area by bike. This app also allows us to simulate bicycle commuting with free CTPP data. The estimated bicycle traffic volume from the aggregation of computed routes matches actual traffic volume very well, suggesting it is an effective tool to evaluate the benefits of future infrastructure improvements. The project has not only helped planners make better decisions, but also demonstrated how geodesign could promote sustainable transportation in our cities.    

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