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Presentation abstract

Virtual Regional Wealth Scanner: A Geodesign Approach

Climate change and occurrences of natural disasters have increased the urgency for utilization of sustainability sciences and new technologies. Building on the idea presented in 2011 Geodesign Summit poster and ensuing publications, this research applies geodesign to assess and monitor urban and regional wealth—as a key indicator of economic ecological sustainability.

Studies suggest a broad framework for the valuation of wealth—embodied in natural, physical and human capital—hence making sustainable development both

more comprehensive and measurable. Unlike conventional wealth estimation approaches, the proposed geodesign approach makes best use of vast multitudes of ever increasing spatial and non-spatial data to observe and evaluate major capital forms instantly and with low cost—creatively utilizing GIS and Remote sensing technologies for scanning and monitoring wealth. In the age of big data, instant and continuous estimation of wealth, embodied in the three capital forms, provides a tremendous tool for policy planning, disaster management, and investment decision making. The research results will be disseminated through journal articles and an interactive website.

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